Our Vision

Spyro aims to be recognized as:

  • Total material handling solution, transportation pallets and
    trolleys, storing racks, Assembly ladders, Assembly fixture.
  • Experts in the Selected fields of Automated and semi automated
    Wet leak testrigs, Dry leak testrigs, High pressure testrigs,
    Hydraulic machining fixture, Hydraulic press, Assembly
    automation, Material handlings, Trolleys, Storing Racks,Crain
    gurder 80 mts, Solid tire make trucks, Export pallet, collapsible
    type pallet.
  • Technologically advanced, while practical and business oriented.
    A Partner of choice to their Projects .
  • Adding Value to their Projects
    • Being worthy of their confidence by remaining accountable
      for our actions
    • Delivering Services based on real needs in time.

Our Philophy

  • Clients: Spyro Believes that in order to Succeed we must Contribute to the Success Of our Clients.
  • Staff : Spyros Performance and abilities are only as good as the Staff we are able to Attract, develop and retain.
  • Technology : A Cornerstone of Spyros Philosophy is to develop and
    embrace new technologies and methodologies to the advantage of our clients and our business.
  • Cooperation : Spyro encourages cooperation and Communication
    between Our Office, and works with partners to the best advantage of
  • Growth : It is Spyros View that growth of our business must be in
    response to the requirements of clients.